Wetland Research and Training Centre (WRTC)

Wetland Research and Training Centre (WRTC) took birth in the year 2002 with support from the 10th Finance Commission. The centre was recently expanded and upgraded in year 2010 through the support received from World Bank under the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project component of Odisha. The centre being in close proximity to the Chilika Lake offers unique opportunity to perform in situ research related to wetland ecology, conservation, and biodiversity.

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  • Scientist Hostel


Mission of Wetland Research and Training Centre

As a nodal centre for Chilika Development Authority for conducting wetland related research, the centre has following mission:

  • continuously monitor the lake health and take precautionary measures through a systemic research approach
  • implement a systemic ecological approach to characterize, document, and preserve the biodiversity of lake
  • apply tools of molecular biotechnology to understand the genetic diversity of different biodiversity components
  • develop a strong research program for cutting-edge science in the area of wetland ecology and conservation
  • promote a collaborative research at national and international level for expert opinion on specialized disciplines
  • disseminate the knowledge regarding wetlands and their functions to coastal community, school children and policy makers