Dr. Gurdeep Rastogi

Senior Scientist

Email ID:rastogigurdeep@gmail.com

Mobile Number:+91-8280197164

Current Research Work/Specialisation: Molecular analysis of phytoplankton, bacteria, and archaea, integrate genomics, ecology, molecular biology, proteomics, and bioinformatics to better understand the interactions of microorganisms under different environmental conditions.

Google Scholar: scholar.google.co.in/citations

Dr. Pradipta Ranjan Muduli

Scientific Officer

Email ID:prmuduli.wrtc@gmail.com

Mobile Number:+91-8280244504

Current Research Work/Specialisation: Carbon biogeochemistry in estuarine and coastal ecosystem; Nutrient uptake by phytoplankton, sea weeds and macrophytes; Trace metal fractionation studies of estuarine sediments. Study on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and petroleum hydrocarbon

Mr. Rakesh Baral

Senior Research Fellow

Email ID:rakeshbaral209@gmail.com

Mobile Number:+91 9778130855

Current Research Work/Specialisation: Specialised in Coastal processes, shoreline management studies, Hydrodynamic modeling.

Mr. Bibhuti Bhusan Dora

Project Assistant (GIS)

Email ID:dorabibhuti.08@gmail.com

Mobile Number:+91 8895628009

Current Research Work/Specialisation: GIS Map making with the Physico-Chemical parameter data of Chilika Lagoon , GPS survey of watershed area and Mouth area of chilika Lake , Watershed map Making .

Mr. Ashim Banik

Junior Research Fellow (Remote Sensing & GIS)

Email ID:ashim2588@gmail.com

Mobile Number:+91-9064204811

Current Research Work/Specialisation: Application of Remote Sensing & GIS in Chilika Lagoon.

Mr. Ishan Biswajit Sahoo

Junior Research Fellow (Chemistry)

Email ID:ishanbiswajitsahoo@gmail.com

Mobile Number:+91-7077463734

Current Research Work/Specialisation: Study of Physico-chemical parameter; Nutrient uptake by phytoplankton, sea weeds and macrophytes; Chlorophyll pigment analysis and Study on Petroleum Hydrocarbon in Chilika Lagoon. Operation of Sophisticated instruments such as GC, HPLC, ASS, TOC, Nutrient Autoanalyzer.

Mr. Aditya Narayana Sahoo

Laboratory Assistant (Chemistry)

Email ID:n.aditya2010@gmail.com

Mobile Number:+91-9776540561

Current Research Work/Specialisation: Water/Sediment quality analysis in laboratory, Sample collection and various laboratory work.

Stiti Prangya Dash

Junior Research Fellow (Biotechnology)

Email ID:stiti.p.dash@gmail.com

Mobile Number:

Current Research Work/Specialisation: Fecal coliform bacteria (FIB) monitoring and microbial community analysis in Chilika lagoon.

Suman Patra

Junior Research Fellow (Marine Biology)

Email ID:12sumanpatra@gmail.com

Mobile Number:

Current Research Work/Specialisation: To monitor the diversity and distribution patterns of phytoplankton and macrophytes in Chilika Lagoon.

Debajyoti Biswal

Junior Research Fellow (Chemistry)

Email ID:debajyotibiswal97@gmail.com

Mobile Number:

Current Research Work/Specialisation: Analysis of phytoplankton pigment, petroleum hydrocarbons, and nutrient analysis in Chilika Lagoon