The catchment of the lagoon enjoys a typically tropical climate with an average annual Maximum temperature 39.9°c, Minimum temperature of 14.0°c. The lagoon which experiences South-west and North-east monsoons during June to September and November to December respectively. During December and January cold wave conditions prevail for a couple of weeks due to Western disturbances in North India. In the inland hilly tract, the climate is comparatively drier with higher temperature during the hot months and slightly cooler in winter. December to February is the winter season, which is followed by hot season from March to May. The period from June to September is the monsoon season while October and November months are the post monsoon transition months. The average rainfall in the catchment is 1238.8 mm with 72 rainy days. The rainfall generally decreases from northeast to southwest. The monsoon starts by about the second week of June and withdraws early in October. About 75% of the annual rainfall is received during the monsoon months from June to September. The Krushnaprasad Block receives the lowest rainfall of about 107.5 cm, the lowest in the State.

The wind speed is high during the month of March to July and speed is low during the winter season. The wind speed mostly from North and north easterly direction and during monsoon month it is mostly southerly and southwesterly direction due the influence of the South-west monsoon and the wind speed varies from 5.3 to 16.0(Km/Hour).