Research Publication

 Research Publications from Fishery:

1. Occurrence and biological outlines of two species of Scylla (De Haan) in Chilika lagoon, India(

2. Post-eco restoration impact on fish and shellfish biodiversity in Chilika lake. (

3. Fisheries enhancement and biodiversity assessment of fish,prawn and mud crab in Chilika lagoon through hydrological intervention. (

4. Eco-Restoration Impact on Fishery Biodiversity and Population Structure in Chilika Lake (

5.  Eco-Restoration Impact on Fishery Biodiversity and Population Structure in Chilika Lake (

6.  Assessment of the impacts of a new artificial lake mouth on the hydrobiology and fisheries of Chilika Lake, India (

7. Assessment of the impacts of a new artificial lake mouth on the hydrobiology and fisheries of Chilika Lake, India. (

8. Carapace width and weight relationships, condition factor, relative condition factor and gonado-somatic index (GSI) of mud crabs (from Chilika Lagoon, India (

9. Performance evaluation of mud crab fishing gears in Chilika lake (

10.Juvenile abundance and post-larval incursion of mud crabs (Scylla spp.) in Chilika lagoon (

11. Forecasting of commercial fish (beloniformes:order) catch in chilika lagoon, odisha, India (

12.Growth, mortality and stock status of mullets (Mugilidae) in Chilika Lake, India (

13. Time series forecasting model for fisheries in Chilika lagoon (a Ramsar site, 1981), Odisha, India: a case study (

Research Publications from Chemistry and Instrumentation lab:

1. Application of multivariate analysis to determine spatial and temporal changes in water quality after new channel construction in the Chilika Lagoon. (

2.  Assessment of petroleum hydrocarbon in a tropical brackish water lagoon: Chilika, India (

3.  Sources and Variability of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Residues in Sediments of Chilika Lagoon, East Coast of India.(

4.  Spatial distribution and potential biological risk of some metals in relation to granulometric content in core sediments from Chilika Lake, India(

5.  Spatial variation of nitrogen uptake rates in the largest brackish water lagoon of Asia (Chilika, India)

6.   Spatio-temporal variability and the impact of Phailin on water quality of Chilika lagoon . (

7.  Spectral similarity approach for mapping turbidity of an inland waterbody.(

8.  The Impact of Tropical Cyclone ‘Phailin’ on the Hydrology of Chilika Lagoon, India.  

9.  Trace metal concentrations in euryhaline fish species from Chilika lagoon: human health risk assessment.

10.Trends in a satellite-derived vegetation index and environmental variables in a restored brackish lagoon.

Research Publications from Biology/Molecular Ecological:

1. Salinity and macrophyte drive the biogeography of the sedimentary bacterial communities in a brackish water tropical coastal lagoon.

2. Structural and metabolic diversity of rhizosphere microbial communities of Phragmites karka in a tropical coastal lagoon.

3. Taxonomic description and draft genome of Pseudomonas sediminis sp. nov., isolated from the rhizospheric sediment of Phragmites karka.

4. The draft genome sequence of Mangrovibacter sp. strain MP23, an endophyte isolated from the roots of Phragmites karka.

5. Mangrovibacter phragmitis sp. nov., an endophyte isolated from the roots of Phragmites karka.

6. Genetic Analysis of the Bacterioplankton Biology and Ecology Through Next-Generation High-Throughput Molecular Techniques.

7. Spatial and temporal heterogeneity in the structure and function of sediment bacterial communities of a tropical mangrove forest.

8.  Interannual and cyclone-driven variability in phytoplankton communities of a tropical coastal lagoon.

9.  Spatiotemporal distribution and composition of phytoplankton assemblages in a coastal tropical lagoon: Chilika, India.

10. Differential Impact of Anniversary-Severe Cyclones on the Water Quality of a Tropical Coastal Lagoon.

11.  Long-term monitoring of benthic foraminiferal assemblages from Asia's largest tropical coastal lagoon, Chilika, India.

12.  Characterization of benthic habitat settings in a lagoonal ecosystem using free-living nematodes as proxy

13.  Multiple Spatial Scale Analysis Provide an Understanding of Benthic Macro-Invertebrate Community Structure Across a Lagoonal Ecosystem.

14.  Draft Genome Sequence of Halobacillus sp. Strain KGW1, a Moderately Halophilic and Alkaline Protease-Producing Bacterium Isolated from the Rhizospheric Region of Phragmites karka from Chilika Lake, Odisha, India.

15.  Draft Genome Sequence of Acinetobacter sp. Strain BMW17, a Cellulolytic and Plant Growth-Promoting Bacterium Isolated from the Rhizospheric Region of Phragmites karka of Chilika Lake, India

16.  Draft Genome Sequence of Pseudomonas sp. Strain BMS12, a Plant Growth-Promoting and Protease-Producing Bacterium, Isolated from the Rhizosphere Sediment of Phragmites karka of Chilika Lake, India

17.  Streptomyces chitinivorans sp. nov., a chitinolytic strain isolated from estuarine Chilika Lake sediment in Odisha, India.

18.  An inventory of free-living marine nematodes from Asia's largest coastal lagoon, Chilika, India

19.  Taxonomic description and genome sequence of Halobacillus marinus sp. nov., a novel strain isolated from Chilika Lake, India.https:  

Research Publications from Physical Oceanography, Remote sensing, GIS/Modeling Cell:


1. Vivek G, Santonu Goswami, R.N. Samal, S.B. Choudhur. (2019). Monitoring of Chilika Lake mouth dynamics and quantifying rate of shoreline change using 30 m multi-temporal Landsat data, Data in Brief, Volume 22, 2019, Pages 595-600

2.  R. Ratheesh, Nandini Ray Chaudhary, Preeti Rajput, Mohit Arora, Ashwin Gujrati, S.V.V. Arunkumar, Ateeth Shetty, Rakesh Baral, Rakesh Patel, Devenshi Joshi, Harshad Patel, Bharat Pathak, K.S. Jayappa, R.N. Samal, and A.S. Rajawat (2019). Coastal Sediment dynamics, ecology anddetection of coral reefs macroalgae from AVIRIS-NGCurrent Science, Vol.116(7), 1157-1165.

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4.   Mohd Amir, Debajyoti Paul, Rabindro Nath Samal, (2019) Sources of organic matter in Chilika lagoon, India inferred from stable C and N isotopic compositions of particulates and sedimentsJournal of Marine Systems, Volume 194,2019, Pages 81-90, ISSN 0924-7963.

5.  Arvind Sahay, Anurag Gupta, Gunjan Motwani, Mini Raman, Syed Moosa Ali, Meghal Shah, Shard Chander, Pradipta R. Muduli, and R.N. Samal (2019). Distribution of coloured dissolved and detrital organic matter in optically complex waters of Chilika lagoon, odisha using hyperspectral data of AVIRIS-NGCurrent Science, Vol.116(7), 1166-1171.


6. Panda M, Samal RN, Bhatta KS, Lenka S, Rout J, Patra HK, Nanda S. 2018. Diversity and distribution of vascular macrophytes in Ansupa Lake, Odisha, India. Bonorowo Wetlands 8 (1): 1-12. DOI: 10.13057/bonorowo/w080101

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13.  Kaushik Gupta, Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Sandip Giri, Abhra Chanda, Sayani Datta Majumdar, Sourav Samanta, Debasish Mitra, Rabindro N. Samal, Ajit K. Pattnaik, Sugata Hazra, (2018) An index for discrimination of mangroves from non-mangroves using LANDSAT 8 OLI imagery, MethodsX, Volume 5, 2018, Pages 1129-1139.

14.  Baral, R., Pradhan, S., Samal, R.N., Mishra, S.K. (2018). Shoreline Change Analysis at Chilika Lagoon Coast, India using Digital Shoreline Analysis System. Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing.


15.  Subhasis Pradhan, Sujit Kumar Mishra, Rakesh Baral, Rabindro Nath Samal & Pratap Kumar Mohanty. (2017). Alongshore Sediment Transport Near Tidal Inlets of Chilika Lagoon; East Coast of India. Marine Geodesy, 40:2-3, 187-203.

16.  Panda MMurthy TVR, Samal RN, Lele N, Patnaik AK and Mohan PK (2017). A comparative study of manglicolous lichens and their distribution inside Bhitarkanika National Park (Odisha), India. Studies in Fungi 2 (1): 1–13. Doi 10.5943/sif/ 2/1/1.

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