Chilika Development Authority
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Chilika Development Authority


Name: Dr. Gurdeep Rastogi 
Designation: Senior Scientist
Email id:
Mobile No: +91-8280197164
Current Research Work/Specialisation:
Molecular analysis of phytoplankton, bacteria, and archaea, integrate genomics, ecology, molecular biology, proteomics, and bioinformatics to better understand the interactions of microorganisms under different environmental conditions.
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Name: Dr. Pradipta Ranjan Muduli
Designation: Scientific Officer
Email id:
Mobile No: +91-8280244504
Current Research Work/Specialisation:
Carbon biogeochemistry in estuarine and coastal ecosystem; Nutrient uptake by phytoplankton, sea weeds and macrophytes; Trace metal fractionation studies of estuarine sediments. Study on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and petroleum hydrocarbon
Name: Mr. Debasish Mahapatro
Designation: Project Fellow (Marine Biology )
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: +91 94382 37102
Current research work/Specialization:
Study of Spatio-temporal dynamics of Macrobenthic community and biodiversity, Study of Sea grass community of Chilika lagoon.
Name: Mr. Saibala Parida
Designation: Project Assistant
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: +919937127506
Current research work/specialization:
Fish biology, breeding behavior, juvenile study of Nalabana and ecological parameters.
Name: Mr. Alayatarak Behera
Designation: Junior Research Fellow (Environmental Chemistry)
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: +91 9776385868
Current Research Work/Specialisation:
Carbon biogeochemical studies especially on fractionated organic carbon using ultrafiltration cell and TOC analyser; Study on colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in Chilika using Spectro-fluorimeter; Diurnal variation of nutrients in Chilika lagoon using Nutrient Autoanalyser.

Name: Mrs. Jajnaseni Rout
Designation: Project Assistant (GIS)
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: 09437449922
Current research work/specialization:
Specialization in Cartography, Remote Sensing and GIS. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Wetland Management i.e. Surface and contour generation from Various Waterquality and Biological parameter. Spatio-Temporal analysis of Aquatic vegetation distribution & Inlet dynamics from various Satellite imagery, Cartosat image interpretation for Microwatershed mapping of Chilika Catchment on cadastral level (Landuse, slope)


Name: Mr. Sujit Kumar Mishra
Designation: Project Scientist (Modelling)
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: - +918249800027
Current Research Work/Specialisation:
Coastal hydrodynamics and water quality modeling .

Name: Mr. Bibhuti Bhusan Dora
Designation: Project Assistant (GIS)
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No:: +91 8895628009
Current Research Work/Specialisation :
GIS Map making with the Physico-Chemical parameter data of Chilika Lagoon , GPS survey of watershed area and Mouth area of chilika Lake , Watershed map Making .

Name: Mr.Pradeep Kumar Sethi
Designation: Junior Research Fellow (Fishery)
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: - +91 9937339716
Current Research Work/ Specialisation:
Fish Biology and Plankton Study.

Name: Mr. Rakesh Baral
Designation: Senior Research Fellow
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: +91 9778130855
Current Research Work/ Specialisation:
Specialised in Coastal processes, shoreline management studies, Hydrodynamic modeling.

Name: Mr. Subhasis Pradhan
Designation: Project Scientist
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: +91 94377 35333
Current Research Work/Specialisation : 
Inlet dynamic and beach profile study, Hydrodynamic modelling, Sediment transport modelling.

Name: Ms. Madhusmita Mohapatra

Designation: Junior research Fellow (Biotech Lab)

Email ID:

Mobile No: 91-9462012216

Current research work/ Specialization:

Fecal coliform bacteria (FIB) monitoring & microbial community analysis

Name:  Ms. Lipika Tarafdar                                                                        
Designation: Project Assistant (Marine Biology)
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No:: +91 -8018766112
Current Research Work/Specialisation : 
Phytoplankton and Zooplankton identification, molecular  taxonomy and microscopic identification

Name: Mr.Aditya Narayan Sahoo
Designation: Laboratory Assistant (Chemistry)
Email id:
Mobile No: +91-9776540561
Current Research Work/Specialisation: Water/sediment quality analysis.

Name- Ishita Sahoo

Designation- Junior Research Fellow (Marine Science)

Email id-                       

Mobile No- 8280057065

Current research work/ specialization- Zooplankton diversity and macrobenthos of Chilika.     

NAME- Stiti Prangya Dash

DESIGNATION: Junior Research Fellow (Biotechnology)


MOBILE NO: +917504584285

CURRENT RESEARCH WORK/ SPECIALIZATION: Genetic diversity of Hilsa Fishes in Chilika

NAME- Dipaka Kumar Sahoo

DESIGNATION: Technical Assistant


MOBILE NUMBER: +917894431287

CURRENT RESEARCH WORK/ SPECIALIZATION: Assessment of cause of declining of Hilsa Fishing in Chilika lake.

Name: Pramod Kumar Tripathy

Designation: Junior Research Fellow

Email Id:

Mobile No: +91- 7504659824

Current Research Work/Specialisation: Macrophyte taxonomy and biodiversity assessment from Chilika

Name: Mr.Prasannajit Acharya

Designation: Junior Research Fellow (Environmental Science)

Email id:

Mobile No: +91-7008100154

 Current Research Work/Specialization: Nutrient biogeochemistry in Chilika lagoon, fresh and marine water ecosystems; Fatty acid and amino acid profiling of Chilika fishes.