Chilika Development Authority
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Chilika Development Authority


Name: Dr. Gurdeep Rastogi 
Designation: Senior Scientist
Email id:
Mobile No: +91-8280197164
Current Research Work/Specialisation:
Molecular analysis of phytoplankton, bacteria, and archaea, integrate genomics, ecology, molecular biology, proteomics, and bioinformatics to better understand the interactions of microorganisms under different environmental conditions.
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Name: Dr. Pradipta Ranjan Muduli
Designation: Scientific Officer
Email id:
Mobile No: +91-8280244504
Current Research Work/Specialisation:
Carbon biogeochemistry in estuarine and coastal ecosystem; Nutrient uptake by phytoplankton, sea weeds and macrophytes; Trace metal fractionation studies of estuarine sediments. Study on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and petroleum hydrocarbon
Name: Mr. Debasish Mahapatro
Designation: Project Fellow (Marine Biology )
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: +91 94382 37102
Current research work/Specialization:
Study of Spatio-temporal dynamics of Macrobenthic community and biodiversity, Study of Sea grass community of Chilika lagoon.
Name: Mr. Saibala Parida
Designation: Project Assistant
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: +919937127506
Current research work/specialization:
Fish biology, breeding behavior, juvenile study of Nalabana and ecological parameters.
Name: Mr. Alayatarak Behera
Designation: Junior Research Fellow (Environmental Chemistry)
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: +91 9776385868
Current Research Work/Specialisation:
Carbon biogeochemical studies especially on fractionated organic carbon using ultrafiltration cell and TOC analyser; Study on colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in Chilika using Spectro-fluorimeter; Diurnal variation of nutrients in Chilika lagoon using Nutrient Autoanalyser.

Name: Mrs. Jajnaseni Rout
Designation: Project Assistant (GIS)
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: 09437449922
Current research work/specialization:
Specialization in Cartography, Remote Sensing and GIS. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Wetland Management i.e. Surface and contour generation from Various Waterquality and Biological parameter. Spatio-Temporal analysis of Aquatic vegetation distribution & Inlet dynamics from various Satellite imagery, Cartosat image interpretation for Microwatershed mapping of Chilika Catchment on cadastral level (Landuse, slope)


Name: Mr. Sujit Kumar Mishra
Designation: Project Scientist (Modelling)
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: - +918249800027
Current Research Work/Specialisation:
Coastal hydrodynamics and water quality modeling .

Name: Mr. Bibhuti Bhusan Dora
Designation: Project Assistant (GIS)
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No:: +91 8895628009
Current Research Work/Specialisation :
GIS Map making with the Physico-Chemical parameter data of Chilika Lagoon , GPS survey of watershed area and Mouth area of chilika Lake , Watershed map Making .

Name: Mr.Pradeep Kumar Sethi
Designation: Junior Research Fellow (Fishery)
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: - +91 9937339716
Current Research Work/ Specialisation:
Fish Biology and Plankton Study.

Name: Mr. Rakesh Baral
Designation: Senior Research Fellow
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: +91 9778130855
Current Research Work/ Specialisation:
Specialised in Coastal processes, shoreline management studies, Hydrodynamic modeling.

Name: Mr. Subhasis Pradhan
Designation: Project Scientist
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No: +91 94377 35333
Current Research Work/Specialisation : 
Inlet dynamic and beach profile study, Hydrodynamic modelling, Sediment transport modelling.

Name: Ms. Madhusmita Mohapatra

Designation: Junior research Fellow (Biotech Lab)

Email ID:

Mobile No: 91-9462012216

Current research work/ Specialization:

Fecal coliform bacteria (FIB) monitoring & microbial community analysis

Name:  Ms. Lipika Tarafdar                                                                        
Designation: Project Assistant (Marine Biology)
E-Mail ID:
Mobile No:: +91 -8018766112
Current Research Work/Specialisation : 
Phytoplankton and Zooplankton identification, molecular  taxonomy and microscopic identification

Name: Mr.Aditya Narayan Sahoo
Designation: Laboratory Assistant (Chemistry)
Email id:
Mobile No: +91-9776540561
Current Research Work/Specialisation: Water/sediment quality analysis.

Name- Ishita Sahoo

Designation- Junior Research Fellow (Marine Science)

Email id-                       

Mobile No- 8280057065

Current research work/ specialization- Zooplankton diversity and macrobenthos of Chilika.     

NAME: Roma Pattnaik

DESIGNATION: Junior Research Fellow (Marine Science)


MOBILE NO: +91 88955551158, +91 8328877515

CURRENT RESEARCH WORK/ SPECIALIZATION:Working on Macrophytes and Seagrass monitoring of Chilika, creating awareness about the importance of Seagrasses and the use of Foldscope to know about the biodiversity relating to seagrasses of Chilika.                 

NAME- Stiti Prangya Dash

DESIGNATION: Junior Research Fellow (Biotechnology)


MOBILE NO: +917504584285

CURRENT RESEARCH WORK/ SPECIALIZATION: Genetic diversity of Hilsa Fishes in Chilika

NAME- Dipaka Kumar Sahoo

DESIGNATION: Technical Assistant


MOBILE NUMBER: +917894431287

CURRENT RESEARCH WORK/ SPECIALIZATION: Assessment of cause of declining of Hilsa Fishing in Chilika lake.

Name: Pramod Kumar Tripathy

Designation: Junior Research Fellow

Email Id:

Mobile No: +91- 7504659824

Current Research Work/Specialisation: Macrophyte taxonomy and biodiversity assessment from Chilika